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Seller Dos and Don'ts

Seller Tips

Do not talk to another agent about your home or your situation or you will cost yourself equity.

They will ask questions like:

"Are you making a local move?"  or "Where are you moving to?"

  • Translation:  If you say you are moving out of state (because you got transferred), they will perceive desperation on your part and you can expect a low ball offer.


"Have you already purchased another home?"

  • Translation:  Oh, you’re stuck making two house payments.


"Why are you moving?"

  • Translation:  If you say to take care of a relative, again, they perceive desperation and your immediate need (not want) to move.


If an agent asks you a question, your standard reply is "Please talk to my agent, Jim."

The only instance where I want you talking with another agent is to set up a showing time.

Do not be at home when you house is being shown. Take a walk, go for a ride, get out of the house. Take the dog or cat with you. A trusted Realtor will have a Supra key and can get the key out of the lock box. The Supra system also identifies the showing agent by name, time shown, and phone number. I call the other agent after each showing asking for feedback or an offer.

If a buyer that is not represented by a Realtor wants to see your home, call me so I can set up a showing time with them.  Be safe.

The front door must look inviting to get them to go through it. Paint it, get a shiny brass kick plate, shine or replace the dingy rusty door knob, purchase a new door.

You only have ten seconds to WOW a prospective buyer when they walk through your front door. It MUST be inviting.

Everything must be spotless and shine: floors, windows, bathrooms, counter tops. Clean the oven, lamps, ceiling fan blades. Get rid of any dust bunnies.

It should go without saying, but, Jim says it anyway: make up your beds when you get up and be sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink.  Shine your sink before you go to bed.

Get rid of any odors. This is a real turn off.

Declutter, declutter, declutter!!!

If you haven’t used it in 6 months, consider selling it or donating it. Take the tax write off. Purchase the program "It’s Deductable" to keep up with your deductions. Name brands are worth more, so note them.

Clear the counter tops. Put the small kitchen appliances away.

Pre-pack your photographs. De-personalize your home.  Get them off the tables and mantle. Repair wall holes where picture hangers were removed.

Organize and straighten up your closets. Yes, they will open every door in the house. Make it look like there is plenty of storage even though you are a packrat like me.  The Buyer must perceive that there is enough room for their possessions to reside in the closet along with yours.

Cut the grass.

Trim the bushes.

Edge the sidewalk and driveway (including the curb).

Blow off the sidewalks and driveway.  No leaves, pine straw, pine cones, or fallen branches.

Trim any dead branches and do away with the yard debris.

Fertilize the yard so it is a lush green.

Full gutters suggest that other maintenance items have been neglected.

Put away all toys that get left in the yard.

If your carpet it old or stained, replace it. Put a good pad under it.

Paint the inside of the house with a refreshing but neutral color.

Replace outdated lighting fixtures. This is a cheap fix.

Make sure all of the lights work and are on when your home is to be shown.

Make the home bright and inviting. Use the highest wattage bulbs that your fixture will handle.

Open the shades, blinds, and shutters to let the natural light shine in.

Consider adding tile to your kitchen and bath.

Yet, do not spend any money on remodeling projects until we talk...

All homes have issues that we just put up with every day.  Let me show you which items you need to  address and which ones we should make concessions on.

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