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Buyer Beware

Random Tips for my Buyers

Before you sign anything, read it closely and thoroughly. Do not sign anything until after I review it with you.

Some of the Gotchas:

If your loan does not get approved, do you lose your earnest money? You think not, but...

What if the home does not appraise for your offer price? Are you stuck paying too much?

If something previously agreed upon in an offer is not repeated in the current counter offer, do the already agreed upon items still stand?

Who pays for the termite letter (including the costly re-treatment): the buyer or the seller?

Who pays the State transfer taxes? The contract changed in 2008.

What is new in the seller disclosure statement?

Do not go to a new home subdivision without me.

If you do, when you register at the model home, indicate that I am you agent.

The quality and academic standing of a school district may not matter to you now, but it will when it comes time to sell.

Before opting for a variable interest mortgage rate, please let me put you in touch with a mortgage broker I trust.

Economic obsolescence - Changing the layout of a room later can be expensive. Think of the spa-like bath you deserve and expect – will it fit in the space allotted?

Get you own title insurance. The title insurance that you purchase at closing only protects the lender. Add a rider to that policy, or if the present owner has a title insurance policy less than 3 years old, you may save money by having that policy reissued. You could find yourself obligated to a security deed and have to pay for a property you do not own.

Let me show you how to tell how long a home has been listed. Many times the acceptable selling price will soften the longer a house is on the market where the seller is having to spend $$$ on a home they no longer desire / need / can afford.

Unusual or unique homes limit your future potential buyers. Yes, that earth home may be very energy efficient, just be prepared to own it forever.

Make sure your home and lot will allow for expansion if you think you may need more space in the near future.

Major kitchen renovations are expensive. Why not buy what you want in the first place?

Most basements, by design, do leak. There are ways to make the area livable and dry, but it can be expensive. Let me recommend a professional moisture control specialist to you.

Does the black plastic, French drains, and sump pump in the crawl space keep moisture out of your heated living space?

Current buyers seem to want real hardwood floors, ceramic tile, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, a kitchen island, dual vanities in the bath, a garden tub, and a back deck. The formal living room has given way to the great room. Are these your choices?

Never indicate that you Must have a particular house. It will cost you equity.





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