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For Sale By Owner

Yes, you can TRY to sell your home by yourself...

But, whenever I hear the word Try, I normally append the words "To Fail".

Here is the cold hard truth...

86% of For Sale By Owner properties get SOLD by a Real Estate Agent.

6% are successful.

The other 8% simply give up.

Here are 12 Key Ingredients to Successfully Selling Your Home


Using the Services of a Real Estate Professional

1. Hire an attorney to help you with the forms, paperwork, and legal issues surrounding selling your home.


2. Make a list of service providers you may need (ex: title insurance, home inspectors, termite inspectors, appraisers, etc.)


3. Find and complete a "Seller’s Disclosure Form."


4. Map out your marketing strategy and budget yourself for the advertising and promotion of your property.


5. Consider running an ad in one or more major publications or design your own marketing web page.


6. Buy a good book on the subject of selling your own home that has checklists to keep you on track.

7. Design flyers, home feature sheets and a "Home Book" to help capture the attention of buyers.


8. Have standard data and information for buyers to inspect like utility bills, taxes on the property, lot size, square footage, etc.


9. Be ready to provide buyers with the names of lenders who have money and might lend money to a buyer of your house.


10. Consider getting an opinion of value from a licensed real estate appraiser.


11. Contact your local Housing and Urban Development Office to get a free copy of the "Federal Fair Housing Guidelines." This valuable information will help you avoid legal problems that might otherwise arise in the advertising and sale of a property.

12. When a prospective buyer does contact you:

  • Find out if they are financially qualified to buy your home
  • Set an appointment that is convenient to both parties.
  • Get your home "ready to show".  Put away all of your valuables.
  • Have property information, disclosure forms, contracts and addendums ready
  • When they arrive, introduce yourself at the front door and thank them for coming.
  • Allow them to tour your property at their pace giving them as much privacy as possible.   ( At the same time, be ready to answer questions and address common concerns.)
  • Be prepared…many buyers are just shopping the market and most won’t act immediately. Follow up with each prospective buyer.
  • If they write an offer, contact your attorney and start negotiations.
  • Pray that they are not just casing the joint for a later robbery / burglary.When you are ready to find out why your home did not sell, please give me a call.  I specialize in this area.

The above checklist is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for legal, tax, or other professional assistance.

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